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Charge up to 8 times faster with the EVoInnovate charging station. Its modern design is made to fit anywhere and to be portable for a multi-location usage.

  • Universal SAE J1772 connector: Compatible with all EVs and PHEVs.
  • 18 or 25 feet cable: A convenient charge, no matter how you're parked.
  • 32A at 240V for 7,68kW of power: Charge up to 8 times faster than a level 1.
  • 3 years warranty
  • -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C): Made for North American weather.
  • Indoor/outdoor installation: Install it where it suits you.
  • Anti-theft locking mechanism

Two Wall Connection Options:

  • NEMA 6-50: The most popular plug. Easily plug and unplug your station for use in multiple locations
  • Hardwired: For a permanent installation, the included NEMA 6-50 cable simply needs to be removed from the charger.

Here is the EVoInnovate unboxing made by ChargeHub: