Eco-Dome EV plug protector
Eco-Dome EV plug protector
Eco-Dome EV plug protector

Eco-Dome EV plug protector

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Refer to the Eco-Dome model table in order to find the right model for your car.

Eco-Dome model table

The Eco-Dome is a high quality and indispensable plug protector against snow, ice and sleet, freezing rain for an electric car’s charging port.

 The product images used here are for reference only, and do not represent the product exactly.

Description :

This patented product is entirely designed and manufactured in Canada. It will prevent any breakage or charging problems caused by severe winter weather conditions. Made from high grade canvas, and not from thin fabric that will tear after a few wind gusts, it will remain in excellent condition for a long period of time (product has been tested in extreme conditions and maintains original quality). To avoid snow and ice accumulation, a strip of industrial quality “hook and loop” gripping material, « velcro » like, completely protects the access to the electrical cable. A great product and a nice look combined together for their practicality and esthetics.

The Eco-Dome fits most electrical EV car and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles, but not the ones made of aluminium, plastic or polymer side panels because the magnets won’t work on these.